Since 1975 Soleko is a leader in production of renowned quality contact lenses, care solutions and intraocular lenses.


To offer Quality products in an aim to best support opticians in satisfying their clients and patients.


To offer quality products and services to opticians and ophthalmologists, to introduce new and innovative products year after year. We are extremely proud to represent the best Italian design, quality and technology around the globe.

1975 SOLEKO SPA is established
1981 Computerized laves were first introduced for production
1982 Soleko extends its premises to an area of 2.050 m²
1984 Soleko begins its production of contact lens solutions
1987 Soleko begins to research innovative production methods for soft, RGP and cosmetic lenses
1988 The launch of research and development projects for intraocular lenses
1989 Soleko expands its location to a total of 3.950 m²
1990 The launch of intraocular lens production
1996 Soleko is certified ISO 9001 EN 46001
1998 The start of progressive lens production
1999 Soleko received the certification to produce and distribute toric lenses in Japan
2004 The production of hydrophilic intraocular lenses begins
2005 Soleko is certified ISO 13485:2003
2005 Soleko begins its research into new hydrophilic intraocular lenses materials
2005 SolekoS.p.A. merges with the company Optoflexs.r.l.
2008 Research begins into new hydrophic intraocular lens materials
2010 Soleko receives CE certification for its ophthalmic surgery kit
2010 Soleko launches its new innovative line of contact lenses and care solutions with hyaluronic acid
2011 Soleko presents the new company image
2012 Launch line solutions Ekinos® with plant stem cells
2013 Launch hydrophobic intraocular lenses

Soleko Spa works in the optic and ophthalmology industry since 36 years ago and it is considered a benchmark in Italian contactology.

During the past years, it has contributed, in our country, to the introduction of contact lenses, especially the gas-permeable ones, directly developing the most innovative constructive technologies and realising all the raw materials of which we own product and process licences.

Soleko is the only Italian company, which can be proud of manufacturing each and every one of its products with raw materials and technologies developed in Italy and in its research facilities.

The technical assistance provided to our customers, opticians and optometrists, is the characterizing symbiosis element with the eyesight professionals to guarantee a better quality to the final contact lenses users.

The company was founded in 1975 in Pontecorvo (Frosinone, Lazio area) thanks to the past professional experiences of the two associate founders, Kawamukai Motokage and Giuseppe Carnacina, who already, in 1966, produced PMMA rigid contact lenses in Via Mercanti in the centre of Milan. The need of  a production expansion led to building the factory in Pontecorvo, larger than 18.000 square metres,

 in which an area of 850 sq. m. were destined to the production of soft contact lenses.

Passing times, Soleko’s development concerned as much the surface, actually 4.000 sq. m. (and with a new project it will be upgraded to 7.000 sq. m.) as the products, enhanced, in 1984, of care solutions for contact and, in 1992, of intraocular lenses.

Soleko, certified ISO 9001 EN 46001 (changed in ISO 13485 by new European regulations) by Monaco TÜV (Germany) from 1996, it is a company which specializes in designing, producing and marketing contact lenses, intraocular lenses, care solutions, material to produce lenses with its own licences and Soleko invest 5% of its annual income in research.

Soleko is firmly convinced of the importance of research and, to support its research, cooperates with the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities to create new innovative solutions in every field concerning its products.

Soleko is the only company in the entire world using plant stem cells in lenses and solutions.

The ISO 9001 is the uttermost recognition of companies’ quality systems and EN 46001 concerns specific legislation in Medical Devices production. In 2003, the two certifications, effective for every type of productions, were substituted by ISO 13485, similar but specific for Medical Devices, a category in which all Soleko’s products are included and that our company earned.

Every 3 years, after an accurate and repeated analysis of the respect and improving of procedures’ quality, by the Auditor Agency, the certification is renewed. Every year an audit verify the updating of internal procedures and quality legislations. The certification allows Soleko, after the check-up, approval and authorization of the Auditor Agency, to put CE trade mark on its products, which is essential to sell Medical Devices, as all Soleko’s products are.

Soleko has chosen the Monaco TÜV for all its certifications. This service provider was, in 1996 in Europe, the most prepared in testing for Medical Devices and the world`s more acknowledged for its specific expertise. 

for opticians and optometrists

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